Induction Process Engineering Center

Radyne’s Induction Process Engineering Center (IPEC) offers the expertise of engineers, metallurgists and scientists who assure reliable and efficient performance for customized induction heating applications.

With the assistance of IPEC’s engineers, metallurgists and scientists, our customers are able to verify the process and induction heating quality of their part prior to the purchase of a Radyne induction system. The IPEC team works with our customers to map their process, recommend changes and conduct practical heating tests on sample components.

Located in Radyne’s 30,000 plus sq.ft. engineering and manufacturing facility, IPEC includes advanced super-computer modeling and simulation of induction heating processes and equipment, a metallurgical laboratory, an induction heating laboratory, and an induction tooling design center to deliver the exacting results our customers expect. Radyne’s application engineers, materials scientists and metallurgists bring unparalleled capabilities for new process development.

Induction Process Engineering Center

We bring unmatched skill in the development of:

  • Cutting Edge Inductor and Susceptor Designs
  • Ultra-High Efficiency, Green Inductor Design
  • Vacuum and Controlled Atmosphere Induction Processes
  • Precise Induction Heating and Hardening profiles
  • State of the Art Thermal and Magnetic Modeling and Simulation through Finite and Boundary Element Analysis
  • Brazing and Soldering Techniques for a wide range of metals and hard to braze parts

Equipment Capabilities

Radyne is equipped with a fully radiometric thermal imager with visual and thermal composite image functionality. We perform prototype heat treatment on parts with over a dozen of our own processing machines, using machining & tooling that is similar or identical to the ones used in production.

  • Hardness testers
  • Metallography systems
  • Image analyzers
  • Scanning electron microscopes
  • Carbon sulfur analyzers
  • Specialized instruments
  • Cut-off saws
  • 12 induction heating machines
  • Radiometric Thermal Imager
  • Controlled Atmosphere and Vacuum Processing

Radyne and our partner Inductotherm Group companies bring together the world’s leading experts and researchers worldwide to solve the most challenging process problems for our customers. We have networked and video-conference connected laboratory facilities located domestically in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New York, and internationally in Ontario, Germany, Belgium, England, Scotland, France, India, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Brazil, Taiwan, Turkey, and Spain.

When you need the best, come to Radyne and the globally united Inductotherm Group of companies. Come to the team that is passionate about new manufacturing processes, the innovative R&D group at Radyne and Inductotherm Group.

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Application Engineering Consultation

Applications Engineering Consultation

As part of Radyne’s Induction Process Engineering Center, Radyne staffs a team of application engineers dedicated to designing a process that matches your specific application. For your specific needs, Radyne has made our team of experts available for independent consultation on your application. Leverage over 65 years of induction heating experience and innovation by consulting with our team of skilled applications engineers.

With specialists in wire, stainless steel, aluminum brazing, and shrink fitting, Radyne has the experience and manpower to tackle the most challenging heating profiles.

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Coil Repairs

Inductor Design and Development

Successful induction heating largely depends on the design and quality of the inductor and quench head that will give the desired profile. As part of Radyne’s Induction Process Engineering Center, we offer inductor design and development services for custom inductors.

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Metallurgical Analysis

Metallurgical Analysis

Our metallurgists are highly experienced and skilled practitioners who use state-of-the-art lab equipment to ensure quality craftsmanship at all levels of your product’s life cycle. Radyne’s experience in designing processes for achieving specific metallurgy in your part is a critical component of the Induction Process Engineering Center.

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Induction Process Engineering Center

Process Development

Radyne’s mathematics prowess results in advanced techniques for heat treating and modeling to ensure accurate, controlled case depth patterns for your parts, giving you the part properties you need to dominate in your market space. Radyne investigates your part and your requirements in the purchasing process to create a tailored process for maximum efficiency.

As part of Radyne’s Induction Process Engineering Center, Radyne staffs a team of application engineers dedicated to designing a process that matches your specific application. With specialists in all applications, Radyne has the experience for quality results.

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